Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Desperate Measures

In a vain attempt to promote his nap while avoiding her own Lilly brought all of her bed time things into the living room yesterday and offered them to Jack while he tried to enjoy some play time on the floor. She she must have been as desperate as I was for Jack to take a nap because, while very good at sharing, Lilly rarely offers monkey, pillow and especailly blankie without expecting something in return.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Traylor Park Princess

Lilly loves princesses and loves to play dress up. So, when she asked Santa for dress up dresses I wasn't surprised. She specifically asked Santa for a purple dress and a blue dress. He assured her that he would get to work on those dresses as soon as he returned to his shop. Imagine if you will how excited she was on Christmas morning to find that Santa had not only left dresses, but also an entire trunk of dress up items. There were dresses, skirts, sparkly tops, shoes, jewelery and a tiara. Lilly dove into the box and began pulling everything out. The magic of Christmas shone in her eyes as she pulled out the purple dress to show Bryan and I. We couldn't have been happier, she was so excited. Then, a moment later she crushed us when she turned to Bryan and asked, "Santa's still working on the blue one?" Santa fail.
But, Lilly has since forgotten all about the blue dress. (It helped that she already had a blue dress up dress that we now store in the dress up trunk.) She plays with the items in her dress up trunk all of the time, and there are often dresses scattered all over the living room and some times the house.
She also uses the dresses to pretend to do laundry. I know, I know...if she wants to do laundry I have plenty she could do. Here she is sorting her laundry. I know that she has learned this laundry thing from watching me, but I assure you: I don't wear silver sparkled shoes to wash cloths. Not to mention I typically have on pants while I do my housework.
In true traylor park fashion Lilly displays her wedding attire. Please note: The skirt is inside out, she's only wearing one purple heel and she is never without her trusty wife beater undershirt.
Here is Lilly in full princess attire. Purple velvet and satin gown? Check. Gawdy jewelry? Check. Magic wand? Check. Wife beater and purple heels? Double check. Hair done?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Jack's Big Day

Jack turned two months old yesterday and had his two month check up with the doctor today. At 12 lbs 6 ozs and 24 inches long he's kind of a hoss, but that doesn't matter because he's as sweet as can be. He's right on target, doing everything he should be doing at two months: smiling, cooing and even trying to roll a little bit. He also tracks my voice and some times follows his hand or watches a toy. But, his favorite thing to watch is Lilly. Weather it's out of fear or admiration we still aren't sure, but Jack lights up with Lilly interacts with him.
Everything that Jack loves most can be done on his boppy: eating, sleeping and and thinking about eating. He can even yell at Bryan from his boppy if he wants.
If someone took a picture of me in my bath towel and then posted it on the internet I wouldn't be happy either. But, he sure looks cute. I, however, would not.
Bryan and Jack. Please notice that Jack is NOT screaming at Bryan. This is very rare and had to be captured on film (film? digital image? whatever I took a picture)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Princess and The Frog

Lilly loves princesses and her new favorite game is to pretend to be a sleeping princess. She asks that we make a 'tent' or castle in her room with a blanket (which we do). Then she lays under it on a pillow and closes her eyes. Then, she yells from her room, "Daddy! I need you to come be a prince!" So, Bryan goes in, kisses her and she wakes up.
That's when its his turn to lay down and be the sleeping princess. This is actually a coveted role. Its rare that you can make a child's day by laying under her tent with a blanket and pillow in a dark room after a long day at work and 'pretending' to be asleep. Some other roles in this game are Hank as the Beast and me as the evil stepmother or witch. I, personally, think that we all have been type cast.
Here's Bryan as the princess. This was after dinner on Sunday night and I think he might actually be asleep. On another princess note: Every morning when Lilly gets up I go into her room and we have the same conversation:
Me: "Good morning, did you sleep good?"

Lilly: "Yes, I had sweet dreams."

Me: "You did? What did you dream about?"

Lilly: (big smile) "I dreamed about princesses."