Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's no secret that Jack loves big trucks more than anything else in the world.  So, when a friend of mine told me about a 'Touch a Truck' event near us I knew that I had to take him.  Lilly spent the morning with Papaw so that Jack and I could go just the two of us and it was a lot of fun!
The event was pretty simple, stadium parking lot, 36 trucks, trailers, tractors, and other random equipment.  Children were allowed to touch, climb on and 'drive' whatever they wanted.  Jack was a loved seeing all of the trucks, but was a little apprehensive about getting too close to each of the trucks...until he saw the front end loader. 
He wanted to touch it.
Get in it...
And, drive it...
 After the loader he was eager to go with all of the strange men into their trucks.  What a good lesson!  Oh well...a fireman is OK, right?
 Hope so, because Jack sure loved 'riding' on the ladder truck.
 Probably the most familiar to Jack was the mail truck, as he waves at it and yells 'big truck' almost every day when the mail comes.
 Um...excuse me...I'm driving this school bus, thank you. 
When he was on the old fashioned fire truck all Jack said was 'hot'.  Probably due to the black leather seat that had been sitting in the sun on the blacktop on a 103 degree day for four hours, but I guess I'll never know...
All in all it was a great morning and Jack loved seeing all of his favorites in their actual size.