Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preschool: Round 2

When we got back from our trip to Michigan we didn't have time to rest...it was off to school for Lilly.  She is attending a three day a week preschool at the Ginger Bread House this year. 
This was Lilly's first day, but most of her classmates started the week prior, due to our trip.  We got there a little early to take some pictures, but Lilly got pretty excited when cars started pulling into the parking lot.  I had also promised to paint Lilly's toenails for her first day of school and what color did she choose?  Well, black, of course.
Lilly was ready for school to start and thrilled to see her friends from last year.  She even walked hand in hand with a couple of them down the hall and into her classroom.

Bend it Like Peanut

As you may have heard Lilly played Fall Soccer this year with the Zionsville Youth Soccer Association.  And, when I say she played, I mean, of course, that she was on a team and received a shirt.  I also mean that we went out and bought her the required soccer equipment.  This does not, however, mean that Lilly played any real, actual soccer.  She did, however, pretend to be a kitty, run with her eyes closed, twirl, pick flowers and, in an particularly exciting moment, she discovered a mushroom growing on the soccer field.
Bryan coached, Lilly met some new friends and we learned that her interests tend to lean more towards gymnastics and art.  So, soccer wasn't so bad, after all.
Lilly's team was the Pink Panthers.  Each team got to pick it's own name and at first the five girls wanted to call themselves the Pink Panda Unicorns, but Bryan and Coach Day persuaded them to just go with one animal.
Lilly, super excited about her first game.
Warm ups with Coach Day.  Lilly and Alana, the other coach's daughter, were probably the least interested on the team.  Mostly, they were just interested in the snack at the end.
Waiting for the kick off.
Lilly's throw in.  This may be the only time that she actually touched the ball during a game.
I believe her eyes are closed in this picture.
Picture day.  Lilly was beyond upset that she had to have her picture taken with a borrowed ball because Mommy accidentally left hers in the car.
Team photo.  From left:  Lilly, Coach Daddy, Alana, Cassie, Natalie, Julia, and Coach Day.
Thanks for a fun season guys!  We probably won't see you next year.  But, if Lilly decides in a couple of years that she'd like to try again...well...we'll be game.  Although, I don't know if Coach Daddy will be.