Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Weeks

I know, I know, its been two weeks since I last posted a blog. I could give you all kinds of excuses about how my computer hasn't been working right. It's been shutting down three minutes after I turn it on (which is why I haven't been writing much when I do post a blog... I'm in a hurry). Or, I could go the "we've been so busy" route (because we really have, I swear) but, instead I will just apologize and post a few "playing outside" pictures from the past two weeks. Lilly loves to be outside and some times even cries when we bring her back inside.

Here we are just hanging out in the front yard, taking advantage of a spring evening. I say 'we' because I really was there too, no one would ever know because I'm always the one behind the camera, but I'm there.

I was trying to use the fading light of early evening to capture a close up of Lilly's adorable face. It was going to be a really artistic picture and I might have even won some praise and awards from the local art community, launching my career as a serious photographer. Then, just when I hit the button on the camera this is the face that she makes. Isn't it pretty?

Lilly loves to go for a ride in the mule. If you look really close you can see that she is holding a flower too. That is another new favorite thing. She likes to pick flowers and have you smell them. Lilly's Nonnie taught her to smell the flowers and she would always say "mmm" so that Lilly would know that it smelled good. Now Lilly shoves the flower in your face, I mean she really gets it in there close, and then she says "mmm" like you can actually smell a flower that is embedded in your eye. But, we let her do it again and again because it is pretty cute.

Along with pulling the heads off of perfectly good flowers again and again Lilly is also allowed to play in the dirt. We went to a cookout at Wes and Kristy's and Lilly spent much of her time digging in the dead tree with a small garden shovel. At one point she had two shovels and was really making a mess all over the patio...but she was having such a good time.

Then she got tired and needed to sit down. So she used that as an opportunity to dig in the mulch.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pimpin' ain't easy...

...but, it sure is fun. And Lilly makes it look so good. Lilly's gold Adidas sweatsuit was a Christmas gift from her Uncle Wes. He always likes to buy her Adidas clothes because he likes to wear their golf apparel. When he went looking at Christmas for an Adidas outfit all they had was the gold suit. He thought it was funny because it looks like something that P.Diddy or a character from the Sopranos would wear and he included the receipt so I could take it back, but as you can clearly see, it is really cute on her. Lilly just makes everything look good. (She rarely goes out with both pieces of the sweatsuit on at the same time, but that's beside the point).
Little girls in the hood. Woot woot! Just hanging out picking some flowers in my gold sweatsuit.
Because what's a gold jogging suit good for if not for jogging? All she needs is a pair of bright white tennis shoes.

And she's out! Peace.

I don't know what you heard about me, but I'm the mother of a P-I-M-P!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silly Lilly

Here's Lilly heading into her box.
This is how she decided to look at me when she realized I had the camera.
Here she is coming to take the camera from me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Relay for Life

On June 19 I am leading a relay team for Zionsville's Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. So I am using my blog to shamelessly solicit donations and support. If you are interested in walking on our team or just making a donation please go to and follow the appropriate prompts to The Rowdy Bunch team.
Thanks in advance for your support and I promise to post more Lilly pictures soon as our team reaches its donation goal.