Monday, April 27, 2009

Mushroom Hunting

There is something really special that happens in Indiana in the spring. But, it's not what you think. It's not the grass and trees coming alive with green, or the colorful flowers, breaking the frosty surface. It's not the wind, bringing summer storms. It's something bigger...something better. But, it's not the warm (or scorching hot) weather chasing out the cold. No, it's better still. It's something that causes us to get dressed up in camouflage, grab that perfect stick that we've been holding onto for years and head into the woods with an onion bag tied to our belt loops. You guessed it, it's mushroom season! And Lilly's very first mushroom hunt! I can't give anymore information about the actual mushrooms, or the location of the hunt. In fact, all of the pictures are close up to avoid displaying any recognizable land marks.
Here's Lilly with her brand new mushroom stick. Her Papaw made it for her. You can't tell, but the handle is carved to looked like a mushroom. Most people hunt for years before receiving a mushroom stick like this (and some of us still don't have one).
She's a natural I tell you. Look at that form...she sees a big one, but she stands at a distance, looking for others instead of rushing ahead to pick it and accidentally stepping on the smaller ones around it. This typically takes years of experience and a lot of restraint, it is usually only seen in the most advanced mushroom hunters.
Here is Lilly heading into the woods with the help of her Daddy Guy. She's good, she can spot them from way up there. Having Bryan bend over to pick them up is a bit of a challange though.It was a beautiful day. 85 degrees and sunny...I thought Bryan might actually die carrying Lilly (18 lbs) and her new backpack (7 lbs) up and down the hills. Lilly didn't seem to mind though, in fact she fell asleep.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Avery's Water Table

The only thing better than having a brand new water having a friend with a brand new water table! Thanks Avery! Welcome back warm weather!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Cold Kentucky Rain

Well, actually it was really only rained on the way home, but it was a cold rain.
We packed up the Peanut and made the trek to Kentucky this past weekend to visit Bryan's family. We had a great, although really busy, weekend. We got in town Friday afternoon, unpacked and met some friends for dinner. Then on Saturday we hit the local flea market, got a parking ticket and then headed to the park to meet a friend and her boys (and we parked in an actual spot this time, not like that fake spot that got us a ticket). Then after a nap for Lilly we had a cookout at Bryan's parent's house with his family. Sunday we headed the rain.
Lilly had a great weekend, visiting with her Grandma, Granddad, Great Grandma, (Great) Nana, Great Granddad, Uncle Tom and Aunt Melva. There were plenty of people to play with her, and as you'll see by the pictures, read to her.
This is kind of an odd picture. It is Lilly's reflection taken from the front seat of the mirror on the headrest of the backseat, so she looks a little distorted. I just missed it, but she was hugging her Zebra in the car and patting its back. So cute.

Lilly's Grandma reading her a bed time story after her bath Friday night.

Playing outside at Bryan's parents' house after the cookout. It was so pretty out this weekend.
Aunt Melva reading Lilly a book about butterflies...they both seemed to enjoy it, probably because it pops up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Peanut as Big as a Bear!

I don't want everyone to get spoiled...three blogs in one week, but this was too cute not to post.
Lilly got a teddy bear in the mail for her birthday a couple days ago. I got it out of the box and sat it on the floor. She immediately sat across from it and stared at it, eye to eye. At first I don't think she knew what it was, so she reached out and touched it on the paw and quickly jerked her hand back. Then she touched its face, looked at me and laughed wildly and touched it again. This went on for a few minutes...until she noticed the box that it came in. She has been playing with the box every day, pushing it around the kitchen and hiding things in it. Then today she noticed her friend again.
Lilly named him Kramer so that she could remember who gave her the bear (wink wink Jeff). Lilly sat down across from Kramer and poked him in the eye, then she knocked him over and said "uh oh" like it was an accident. Then, as if to apologize she tried to pull him back up, but seeing as how Kramer is a little bigger than her, I had to do it. When her friend was up again and ready to play she smiled and gave him a hug.
Yes, that's right, Lilly gives hugs now and its the cutest milestone since clapping. This is the first time that I have caught it on camera and just had to share.
And yes, she is wearing a tutu. But hey, why not?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainy Day Doctor Visit

Lilly had her one year check up at the doctor today. She weighs in at a whopping 18 pounds 7 ounces and she is 29 inches long. Big girl. It was also raining today so she had an opportunity to wear her raincoat. Very cute, thought you guys might enjoy it too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Surprise surprise, the Easter Bunny came to visit Lilly. She got some big girl cups, an Easter pig and some of Bryan and I's favorite candies. That was weird, I know. After going through her Easter bucket (we had a bucket, not a basket) we headed off to church. Lilly really seemed to enjoy it (at first). She liked looking around and people watching, she even liked the lively music at the begining, but when they lowered the lights and the choir began to sing a slow song she started to panic. I think she thought everyone at the church was conspiring to put her down for a nap. We eventually had to leave, but it was a good effort anyway.
I took advantage of Lilly's nap to make a couple of pies and then we headed out to my mom and dad's house for and Easter dinner with the fam. Dinner was good, but that's really not the point. Lilly hunted Easter eggs, just four. It was the cutest, and probably the easiest Easter egg hunt ever.
Lilly looking through her Easter bucket. She really liked the grass alot.
Hunting for Easter eggs. They weren't hidden so much as they were just layed in the grass. Pretty easy to spot.
Finding another egg. I know, there are alot of pictures, but I just thought it was so cute. With a little encouragement she even put the eggs in her bucket.
Just checking out what she found.
We tried to get a family picture, this was the best we coud do.

Happy Easter everybody!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peanut's Birthday Extraveganza!

The much anticipated birthday blog!! Finally!
Lilly had a great first birthday. It all started on Saturday with her party. We had a few friends and some family over to celebrate, only about 30 people. There were balloons, cake and good times had by all. There is not alot I can say about the party that can't be better explained by just showing pictures.
Lilly before the party, she's in her new wagon that her Daddy Guy and I got her.
Birthday cake.
Lilly's cake.
Papaw helping Lilly get started on her gifts.
Avery helping pick up tissue paper and keep the gift opening area neat and tidy.
Lilly and Nonnie, she was a little shy at first about all the people.
The Mama, Daddy Guy and Lilly opening gifts.
Opening more gifts with the Daddy Guy.
Singing 'Happy Birthday'
Really getting into the cake now.
Dougie was the only party guest to wear his hat.
Enjoying a gift from her Grandma and Granddad.
Yeah Daddy Guy! Good call on the moon bounce!
Testing out her new swing from Nonnie and Papaw.
First wagon ride with Avery and Lilly's cousins Avry and Julian.
Trying on her new tutu...thanks Dougie, Tiffany and Derrick.