Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pool is Open!

Summer appeared overnight. Saturday was a beautiful spring day and then we woke up on Sunday to a sweltering Indiana summer. Over 90 degrees. So I did what anyone would do...I made a peach pie as an offering, loaded up the car with swim diapers, sunscreen and percocet for Bryan then got the dog, the baby, and my invalid husband in the car and headed to the pool.
It was a perfect day for it and we did nothing but float around in the pool. I guess not all of us floated...with his broken arm and splint almost to his shoulder, Bryan mostly just watched in bitterness from the shade while the rest of us floated.
And, Lilly was a little more active. She played in her little pool...
took a juice break...
then headed back the the big pool to practice her splashing.
She did do her share of floating though. Tiki and Lilly liked to pretend that the noodle was a horse. Lilly pretended anyway, I think Kristy knew the truth. All done swimming and wrapped in a towel. You can easily tell by her face that she had a great day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monkey on Your Back

On Saturday we took our little monkey to the zoo with some friends. We brought a bathing suit for the splash park and a stroller for Lilly to ride in. It was cold and sprinkled a little so we didn't need the bathing suit and the only thing the stroller was used for was to hold the bag with the bathing suit, because Lilly spent most of her time riding right here...
The only time Lilly willingly got off Bryan's shoulders was when we offered the pony ride. When she got down she told me she was a cowboy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Range Peanut

During a break in the rain today Bryan took Lilly outside to play while he trimmed trees and did a little bit of yard work.
She loves to play outside.
I am positive that she had fun, but...
I'm not sure how closely she was actually being supervised.
Oh well, a filthy kid is typically a happy one.