Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

Over the last eighteen months I have realized that I have alot in common with the little person that now rules our house. Its not just the trademark eyes that have been passed down from mother to daughter through several generations of my family. Its not just that we are both born Aries, or rams. Although, I'm sure this explains alot....poor Bryan...two Aries women. This tends to make Lilly and I both head strong, a little impulsive and quick tempered, but also creative with vivid imagination. No, its a little more than all of that. And here are the pictures to prove it.
An example of the big brown eyes.

Lilly and I both love to wear inappropriate shoes. For me it as simple as wearing platform heels with capris or cowboy boots with dressy top. But, for Lilly this particular trait goes a little further. She likes to wear patent leather mary janes that are two sizes too big with her footie pajamas. Um, they are also on the wrong feet....and yes, she put them on herself.

Both Lilly and I would enjoy living on a farm. I like the animals and wide open space...Lilly just wants a tractor that she doesn't have to pedal.

We both love sour cream. I rarely get it all over my face like this, but I do occasionally plan my meals around what can and cannot be served with sour cream.

A purely Applegate trait...maps. Even if I'm not going anywhere I could sit down and look at a map. And to be honest, when any of you go on a trip, I typically get out my atlas to see exactly where you're going and how you're getting there. My dad is the same way and apparently Lilly has picked this up too. Speaking of just so happens that Lilly and I both might be a little spoiled...and this little issue might have been perpetuated by the same two people. I won't say more.A walk in the woods in the fall when the leaves are on the ground is a favorite activity for Lilly and I both. I don't pick up leaves and sticks or fill my pockets with dried berries and walnuts, but I enjoy the walk just the same.

Yes, Lilly and I have alot in common, all of these things and more. We both like to read, we both love the Doodle and we both hate to sit still for long. The only thing is....Lilly enjoys getting up early in the morning...she must get that from her father, because its definitely NOT something she picked up from me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


O.k., its been exactly one month since my last post. Give me a break...we were busy. Really, really busy.
So instead of a well written account of my cousin's bachelorette party, our trip to Michigan City, a day at the pumpkin fest, the AppleHammer Rib Fest and Wine Tasting and my cousin's wedding you will have to settle for a montage of photos from all of these events. And I will try to get back on track.
Alright, so maybe I'll skip the bachelorette party pictures and we'll go straight to the Michigan City trip.
Wearing Mom's shoes.
Michigan City Zoo.
Lilly and her BFF pictured in front of a Wildcat. Bryan insisted.
Lilly at the park next to the zoo.
The beach, just a 'short' walk from our cottage.
Loving the sand...and beach...and water. In fact she had to be removed kicking and screaming, literally, kicking and screaming. It was really pleasant.
Just hanging out in some Tupperware.
Choosing a pumpkin.
Lost in the corn maze.
Riding a thoroughbred. Kentucky derby here she comes!
Found in the corn maze.
The bridal party, minus Krista.
The cousins.
Flower girl. Very cute. She didn't throw any flowers, but she did pick up alot of the ones that Maddie threw down.
The wedding.
The End.