Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Day of Disaster

Bryan is in a bowling league that bowls every Friday night in the fall and winter months. This Friday he accidentally left his debit card at the bowling alley and needed to go and get it on Saturday morning. What started as a quick and annoying errand quickly escalated into a great idea for a Daddy/Daughter Day. We thought it would be fun for Lilly to go with Bryan and then bowl a game. Even better, he invited good friends Nathan and Avery to join them.
Then the whole plan seemed to crumble.
Disaster One: At the last minute Lilly changed her mind and didn't want to go. She cried and needed quite a bit of persuasion to get into the car, this is when Bryan mentioned the bowling shoes. She was back on board.
Disaster Two: On the way to the bowling alley Bryan heard from Nathan, who was already there, the bowling alley was closed due to a power outage.
Disaster Three: It was decided, after a consultation with the moms, that the outing would be moved to Chuck E Cheese. Mom approval was required due to the disgusting nature of Chuck E Cheese and the number of germs that two little girls can pick up there and bring back to their baby brothers.
The disasters were put on hold for a couple of hours while everyone had a great time at Chuck E Cheese. The girls played, the dads won brownie points and the moms and baby brothers relaxed at home.
On the carousel.
Riding with Stewart Little.
Trying to call mom for help.
Disaster Four: Avery falls flat on her nose. Bryan says her little nose instantly began to blacken up and latest reports from her parents are that the nose is still bruised.
Disaster Five:Leaving. When told that it was time to go Lilly collapsed on the floor in tears and Avery stopped where she stood and sobbed. Then Bryan got stuck in traffic with a screaming toddler. She was asleep when he pulled in the driveway.
Disaster Six: Lilly is now sick. I don't think she caught something at Chuck E Cheese, Bryan insists that she sneezed while there. Ironic isn't it? I don't want Lilly at Chuck E Cheese because people take sick kids there...people like Bryan and I.
No disaster here, but I thought some of you might like to see Jack with his eyes open. This is very rare as he sleeps soundly and in his bed most of the time. The only problem is that this picture was taken at about 11pm.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last week while Bryan and I were in the hospital with Jack, Lilly spent that time at her country home north of town where she maintains a staff of two. While there she didn't miss us at all. She was too busy dressing up like Cinderella, watching 'Cinderella', playing outside and having a picnic at the park with one of her favorite playmates-Papaw.
Lilly is obsessed with Cinderella. As a special treat for the new big sister my mom got her this dress and gave it to her during her stay with them. It came with a crown and magic wand. She rarely wants to wear anything else.
Here she is casting a spell. She will curl her nose, point the wand at you and say "Bipity Bopety Boo". That's when you know that you have been turned into a frog, horse or most likely a kitty cat. Please notice the shoes. She calls them her 'fancy dancin' shoes'.
Here is Lilly having her picnic lunch at the park. We were all astonished to learn that a two and a half year old can sit this close to slides, swings and a jungle gym and still eat an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But, eventually she found her way to the slides.

Thanks Grandma and Papaw! It was a load off my mind while in the hospital to know that Lilly was not only being taken care of, but having a great time too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack Pot!!

Tuesday November 9 started like any other day. Everyone in our little family of three got up, ate breakfast and I started a load of laundry while Bryan headed off to work. Then Lilly and I got cleaned up and ventured out to run a few errands before heading out to take a walk and enjoy some fresh air at my parents' house (Please see previous blog).
Tuesday November 9, however, did not end like any other day. By midnight Lilly was asleep, my mom was on our couch and Bryan and I were at the hospital. At 10:02am on Wednesday, November 10 we welcomed David Jack Traylor and became a family of four. At 7lbs 13.5ozs and almost 22 inches long he was bigger than his big sister, but still seemed tiny to us.
Jack doing his favorite thing: sleeping. He eats good, sleeps well and cries only when he needs something. He may look a lot like his big sis, but their personalities seem night and day already.
Lilly so proud of her baby brother. She was so excited to hold him and then became obsessed with his feet. You can't tell, but she is wearing her 'Big Sister' t-shirt.
My mom told her to be careful of his soft spot and she later told Bryan, "Be careful, he has a bad spot." Notice her little hand is on his foot, did I mention she was obsessed with his feet? Jack with his new kitty. Grandma and Papaw stopped on the way to the hospital so Lilly could bring a gift to her new baby brother. Grandma helped her pick out a blue hippo and they were ready to pay when Papaw pointed out the basket of kitties, Lilly's favorite. So now, Jack has a cute black kitty with a pink nose and ears. I think he likes it though.
Jack having some 'tree frog' time with Daddy after lunch. They can't wait to watch the Colt's game together on Sunday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lazy Little Luther

Lazy little Luther seems happy and comfortable with the status quo and shows no signs of voluntarily abandoning his current situation and greeting the world. Since it was a nice day Lilly and I decided that we would spend an afternoon at my parents' house walking in the woods to try and encourage him to leave on his own and maintain a little dignity before being forcibly evicted on Saturday morning.
As I have chosen to refrain from appearing in pictures and/or videos until further notice I have included in this blog a couple videos of Lilly enjoying the beautiful weather and great outdoors.
Lilly on the mountain. *Please note* No actual injury of any kind was sustained during the filming of this clip.

Lilly the biker.