Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swim Season

Every year I start the summer with a swimming blog and they are mostly all the same: pictures of the kids in crystal blue water.
But, this year swimming is not just a fun activity, it is a requirement.  As you will see in the next blog, Lilly had knee surgery at the beginning of the summer and has been encourage to swim as much as possible to aide in her physical therapy.  That means that my days for the past three weeks have been spent hurrying through my household chores so I can have the kids in the pool right after lunch.
Everyone is getting braver in the water and Lilly is enjoying swim lessons again this year.  So far, she seems to be showing improvement after each lesson and only struggles with one thing.  The other day while practicing my dad encouraged her to try and keep her face in water and mouth closed to avoid swallowing water.  "I can't." Lilly said, "I need to talk."
Lilly and Jack enjoying the floating papasan chair.  Jack is a wild man in the water.  He tries to run in this little chair and he'll jump off the edge to you, muttering something that sounds like counting before jumping.
But, he likes to relax too, and float around in an inner tube.
No matter what Jack is doing there is always time for playing with trucks.  He often takes time out of swimming to drive a 'big truck' around.
Little mermaid practicing her swimming.
Will she jump?
Oh yeah!!
More time for trucks.
Kick, kick, kick!
After swimming last Sunday Grandma made dinner for everyone.  While waiting for dinner Jack was able to talk Uncle Wes into reading a story about, you guessed it, a truck.
After dinner we made the trek to the lake to feed the fish and see if Daddy caught anything.  Lilly and I simply walked up to the lake.  Jack, on the other hand, acted like we were hiking through the plains of Africa, high stepping over tall grass and stopping every few steps to look for lions and take a break.
Daddy caught a couple fish and Lilly caught one too.  She was very eager to touch each fish before Bryan threw it back, but the one that she caught flipped right as she reached for it and after that she was less than excited to pose for a picture with her catch.
Then, Jack discovered a sword in Grandma's recycle bin.  (aka an empty wrapping paper roll). 
I know the last few pictures have nothing to do with swimming, but they were cute any way.