Sunday, June 27, 2010

Relay for Life

For the past two years Bryan, Lilly and I, along with quite a few of our friends and family have participated in the American Cancer Society's largest fundraiser. Relay for Life is a 24 event in which a participant for each team walks for the entire time. During the day the event is mostly for kids, with many teams raising money by offering games, treats and activities for a younger crowd. At dusk is when the real magic happens. Throughout the year teams sell luminaries, or thin white bags the the ACS logo on them filled with sand with a candle in the bottom. People decorate these bags or just write the name of a friend or loved one on them who has been affected by cancer. They can honor a survivor or memorialize someone who has been lost. It is a very special part of the evening when these bags are lit and line the walking path for most of the late night hours. The path looks beautiful all lit up and it is a favorite time for everyone to just slow down, take in the names and look for people you know.
Oddly enough this is our second year to participate in Relay and only the first time we have ever seen the luminaries. Last year there was a terrible storm that blew in just as the candles were being lit and many of the bags were lost to fire or rain. Of course we also had a storm this year, luckily before the luminaries were set out. So the event was called off and the luminaries were stored, got caught in a flood and had to be rescued by the Zionsville Fire Department, and were finally set out and lit on Friday night during another event in town.
Here are a few pictures from Friday night.

FYI-I have luminarie bags to sell for next year's event. They are $10 each and all of the money goes to the American Cancer Society. Let me know if you'd like to personalize the bag yourself.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lilly and the Kickboard

I know its been awhile since my last blog. I have no excuse, other than a lack of pictures. So, I thought I'd treat you to a couple of videos, complete with audio. Sweet little voice (well not so sweet in the second video).

These videos are both from Sunday. We spent a lazy day at my parents' house; just swimming, playing cornhole and later cooking on the grill in the gale force winds, torrential rain and some lightening.

This first video is of Lilly trying out her new floatie/bathing suit/I can grab you if you fall in the lake thingy. She wasn't sure about it at first, but she seemed to get the hang of it after few minutes. Please note: I zoomed in so you could see Lilly kicking and swimming on her own. However, I zoomed in so far that it appears as if Lilly is in the pool alone. She is not. Bryan is to the right, just out of the frame and those are Wes's legs you see in front of her. You actually get a pretty good view of him when Lilly gets a little cocky and eventually starts to panic. Listen carefully and you can hear Bryan talking about how independent she is going to be at the same moment that Wes has to intervene. Ha ha

This video is just more of the same. With one little addition. As Lilly swam Wes and Bryan hovered in the pool, Mom and Kristy shouted encouragements from the edge and I videotaped...Dad napped. Lilly clearly did not approve. Turn your sound up and you can hear what happens when that sweet little voice turns sour.