Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fourth of July, Finally

Bryan's family came to town to celebrate the Fourth of July with us. This visit was kind of a big deal because along with Bryan's parents, his sister and her kids were here too. They live in Germany and we don't get to see them a lot. So we had to take advantage and do as many fun things as possible while they were here. We had a great time and by evening we were all worn out. Especially Lilly.
Matthew and Morgan kept her pretty busy...well...SHE kept them pretty busy. I enjoyed this probably more than anyone. It was great to have personal playmates, dressers and hair stylists for Lilly on hand all weekend.

While at home we just kind of hung out; playing, talking and just spending time together. We cooked out, played a million games of ladder golf (which Morgan is awesome at by the way) and set off fireworks (which Morgan is not so awesome at...I'll leave it at that).
But, Lilly was anxious to show her Aunt Cammie and cousins some of her favorite places. So we took them to Mulberry Fields park and played in the 'creek' and on the slides.

We also spent a day at the pool. Well, most of us spent the whole day at the pool. While the ladies were basking in the sun Bryan decided to introduce his fellow Colts fan to Lucas Oil Stadium and have Colts experience Matthew wouldn't forget. I will spare you the pictures from the Stadium...they are pretty boring. But, I think Matthew's experience that day was anything but. Along with downtown, the stadium and as much Colts atmosphere as he could stand Bryan also introduced his 15 year old nephew to something else he won't soon forget.
After dinner we walked out to the lake to feed the fish and Matthew tried his hand at catching cat fish with a net. Matthew is good at a lot of things. This wasn't one of them.

On the Fourth of July we all loaded up and headed down to Lion's Club Park to watch the fireworks. Before dark there were a lot activities for kids. Lilly was kind of small for most of them, but her big cousin was more than happy to take her down the giant slide...as many times as she wanted to go. I thought she might be a little afraid, but I was wrong. This picture was taken about 30 seconds after her first trip down the slide. She is yelling "AGAIN". And Matthew obliged.

Matthew was a trooper, climbing up the giant slide while holding a toddler and taking Lilly down as many times as she wanted. But, Morgan gets some credit too. While Lilly and Matthew slid she stood next to Bryan the whole time while cute boys and other girls her age may or may not have noticed his goofy hat.
And then....everyone went home and the party was over. Poor Lilly, she was so disappointed.