Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My best friend, who I haven't seen since May of last year, was scheduled to be in town this past weekend. And, after weeks of planning, well OK, after about 20 minutes of actual planning, we were able to get a few friends together after the long absence. It goes without saying that I was super excited for this night. Not only would I get to spend the evening with my high school buddies, I had also managed to secure babysittage for the entire night...yes, that's right...the kids were spending the night at Grandma and Papaw's and Bryan and I had no curfew and unlimited time to celebrate our big night out.
Oh! We had such plans! First cocktails and dinner at Indianapolis's newest trendy restaurant. (I only found out during cocktails that Mesh on Mass has actually been open for over three years and everyone has been there before, except me.) But, enough about me being out of the loop... So, after catching up over dinner we decided to seek out some live music and hopefully visit some old haunts. This is where the evening started to go south for me. I perhaps the wine I'd had was making me a little queasy, but I proved to be a little more than queasy as I threw up my $25 steak in the bathroom at The Chatter Box. Very glamorous. I felt better, got a water and trudged on. But, that little episode hardly marked the end of my troubles. Long story short, Bryan and I made our apologies, said our good byes and headed home early.
The next morning my suspicion, and at this point my hope, that it was the wine that had made me feel so sick was proved to be wrong when my mom called to say that Jack needed to be picked up, he was throwing up. Lilly was, now, to spend the day with Grandma and Papaw and hopefully avoid whatever had come over Jack and I, but on their way to take her out to dinner they stopped to drop Hank off and Lilly got out of the car and, with perfect timing, chose that moment to reveal that she too had the stomach flu.

We had one rough night, followed by a very sleepy day, but everyone is feeling better now and Bryan has seemed to avoid the whole thing all together.

Hopefully, I didn't infect of my friends on Saturday night and maybe sometime before next spring we'll all be able to go out together again.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Camera

Well, it's been a while since I posted a blog, mostly because, as I mentioned before: My camera broke. However, I have invested in a new one and I started playing with it right away. Here are my greatest works of photojournalism:
Lilly and her new scissors, yes, they are safety scissors, but they still lead to a band aid a few days after this picture was taken.
Jack loves Hank. And, Hank loves Jack. Mostly, we think, because Jack can, and will, open the 'dog cabinet' and get a treat out of the bag.

Jack the cowboy. He needs help getting up onto the rocking horse, but once he's up there he sure goes to town. Actually, he moves his little body so wildly and with such excitement that you would think he was in a rodeo, but in reality the horse barely moves unless you rock it for him.

Lilly the fashion icon. Lilly still takes an afternoon nap on most days and she likes to have her siesta in as few clothes as possible. I can usually talk her into keeping her underwear and an undershirt on. And, usually when she wakes up she yells for me to come in an help her get redressed. Well, this day: she didn't. She got into her dresser and picked this outfit out all by herself.

You may remember this little car from posts in previous years. Lilly has moved onto the tricycle and Jack has inherited the little cozy coup. Although, he mostly just sits in it and watches jealously while Lilly pedals away.

And....Lilly on the tricycle. She's not going to break any land speed records, but we're just happy that she finally figured out how to steer.