Friday, February 26, 2010

Crazy Girl/Lazy Girl

Ok, so the only thing that is truely 'crazy' about the picture of Lilly wearing my cowboy boots is the face she is making, but...
This sets a whole new standard for laziness.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Southern Most Peanut

As many of you know, Lilly and I spent the past week in Key West with my parents. We were planning to spend five fun filled days in the sunny warmth of Florida, but it didn't really work out that way. We did have a great time, but to say it was sunny or even warm wouldn't be true...or even to say that we only stayed five days... But, that's another story.There are a lot of things to talk about and a lot of stories to tell, but in the interest of keeping this blog kind of short I will just touch on the highlights and give the people what they want...more pictures of Lilly.

Here are Lilly and I in all of our Colts gear on Super Bowl Sunday at the Southern Most Point in the Continental U.S.. The way Lilly, Mom and I were dressed you would assume we were the biggest fans the Colts ever had, but I'll have you know that this picture was taken after kickoff and we were no where near a T.V..

This is at the Butterfly Sanctuary. Lilly was very excited to go and see the butterflies. She had so much fun watching the butterflies that we actually had a mini breakdown when we left. This was probably her favorite part of the sanctuary. It was a little fence, just her size, that protected a special area where the butterflies could lay their eggs. Lilly and Papaw sat there very still for a very long time (still and long for a two year old anyway) with their hands out, patiently waiting for a butterfly to land on them. They were unsuccessful.
A very close encounter with a butterfly. It was also very hard to remember not to touch the butterflies. Grandma and Lilly spot a pelican.

Can't quite remember why Lilly was so sad in this picture, but I thought it was super cute anyway. I think Papaw and her were sitting in front of this statue. I took their picture and then he got up, but I can't remember if she was sad because he got up or because I wasn't taking any more pictures.
Just touring the area. But, this picture speaks volumes about our trip to Key West. When we got off the plane mom and dad greeted Lilly at the gate with a camera flashes and cheers, and whisked her away, neither of them said a word to me for several minutes. In fact, they seemd to almost forget that I was there at all. And Lilly, for her part, was pretty excited too. She shreiked "Mamaw!! Ahh Papaw!!" when she saw them and then covered her eyes and put her head down as if embarassed by the outburst of emotion. On our only sunny day, or at least what would have been our only sunny day had we maintained our schedule, we went to the beach. Lilly loved it, it was obviously the biggest sand box she's ever seen.
She also discovered a new consistency and was quite taken with wet sand and the cold waves on her toes.
The high light of the trip and the part that Lilly and Papaw looked forward to the most was their morning walk to get the newspaper and mail Grandma's post cards. After a couple of days Lilly figured out the routine and would wake up and immediately say, "Papaw, clothes, paper?". Which meant, "Is Papaw up? Can you put my clothes on please. Are we going to get the paper?". They were gone for a long time every morning even though the paper box was just around the corner. I have since learned that after Lilly and I left and Dad goes to get the paper alone he is only gone for about ten minutes. Evidently they would stop and look at rocks, pick flowers and sit idly on random benches on that Lilly wanted to while on their walk. These are just a few of the wild chickens that roam around Key West. Lilly looked everywhere for chickens and got so excited when she saw or heard one. Eventually she was even able to distinguish between a hen or 'mommy chicken' and a rooster or 'daddy chicken'. When we came across these little baby chicks she cupped her hands together and smiled, asking "I hold one...please" And later we would hear a 'cock a doodle doo' and she would yell from the back of the bike "I hear wooster!!'.
I just thought this was cute. We were waiting for a table to eat breakfast outside our favorite Key West restaurant, Blue Heaven, when Lilly found a little bench next to a fountain to sit on.
Here we are on our bike. Lilly loved the bike and was eager to hop on whenever we ventured out. As I was strapping her in she would remind me to put on her bike hat too. When I took the bike back she watched from the front gate as I pulled away and cried, "my bicycle, my bicycle". Needless to say we will be purchasing a baby seat for our bikes this summer.
It was only after I took the bike back that we realized my flight had been canceled and that Lilly and I would be spending another day and a half in Key West. So, when we decided to go to the aquarium we had to have one of the South American soccer players take Lilly on a three wheel taxi bike. When I rode with her to the aquarium she never said a peep, but shouted "BYE MAN!" as the driver pulled away.
Here Lilly is relaxing in the sun as she contemplates our latest flight cancellation. This was the day before we left, our stolen day, and it was by far the nicest weather we had.
Last dinner in Key West, Lilly is obviously disturbed by the news that we are actually leaving this time.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Sick Baby

Poor Lilly, she rarely gets sick, but when she does...whoa!
My friend Tania and I thought we would do something nice for our girls and take them to a local indoor playground to escape the tedium of being stuck inside our own homes due to inclimate weather. Little did we realize at the time, the indoor playground was a popular place to take children with the plague. We both shuttered every time we heard one of the other hundred children cough or sneeze, and finally decided to call it a day when we saw a 'suspicion of pox'. The girls did have a good time though, and we were all four happy with our outing and content to escape with our lives. Only later did I discover that poor Lilly had been infected. She had the cold that seemed to never end and I was beginning to worry that she wouldn't be better by the time we left for Key West. And then, just when I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the little nose ceased to run...the cough started, and to top that off...I realized I was getting sick. But, not to worry, after the purchase of a elephant shaped humidifier, extra Kleenexes, saline drops and Vaseline for the chapped nose, we are all better and have vowed never again to return to the indoor leper colony without clorox, lysol, hand sanitizer, surgical masks and hazmat suits.
Graham crackers, juice, blankie and Tinkerbell cures just about anything.