Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A good friend of mine refuses to call it 'gymnastics', instead her and her sister for years have referred to this particular sport as 'gym-spastics'. After enrolling Lilly in gymnastics and attending for several weeks I have found this assessment to be quite true...more than I ever imagined. Especially in a class of ten two and three year olds.
Lilly and I have been spending our Tuesday mornings at Interactive Academy learning to do various gymnastics skills. The first class was a disaster (I'll spare you the details)...and it was only AFTER this first class that I learned that they offer a free trial before you sign up and pay. Well, good thing for Lilly I didn't know that because we would NOT have been back. But, by weeks two and three Lilly was loving her class and she is always excited to go. In fact, every time we pull away from the building she declares that she would like to come back. And when we cruise down the highway and spot the big gym she says "there's gymnastics". (She doesn't quite say it that clearly, but I know what she means.)
This week was Super Star Showoff Week. The kids were encouraged to invite friends and family to come and watch them preform and each child was given an opportunity to show off their favorite skills in front of the whole class and their guests. For the first circuit Lilly decided to show her class...and Daddy and Papaw who watched from upper level...how she can walk on the balance beam. She did a great job, with a little help from Miss Jessie, and threw her hands up and yelled "Ta-Da" after her dismount.
The rings are probably Lilly's favorite. She boldly grabs on and jumps out, swinging over the mat while holding on tight. You can see that even Miss Jessie is a little surprised by her bravery. With a little help she can even do a flip.
The trampoline sure is fun, but Lilly usually misses the point. The kids are supposed to 'glue' their legs together, put their hands in the air and jump all the way down to the end of the trampoline. Lilly, and a few other of the younger ones in the class, prefer just to run all the way down to the end and back.
When we were all done each child was called individually to the front of the class to receive their Super Star medal for a job well done. Yeah Lilly!!
She can't wait for the summer session to start!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lilly Turns Two!

I know, I know. It should say, 'Lilly Turned Two...almost three weeks ago'. But hey, I've been busy.
We had a great 'Tinkerbell' party. Friends and family came from miles around and Lilly jumped in the bounce house almost all day. Everyone sang, Lilly blew out her candles and we all ate cupcakes. Unfortunately for you the party was so fun that I didn't get hardly any pictures, but we all had a great time.
This picture is from Lilly's actual birthday, she is blowing out her candles while we sing. She loves the 'happy birthday' song and asks about candles every time cake is mentioned.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lilly had a big Easter weekend. It all started on Friday night with all three of us doing absolutely nothing.
But, on Saturday we really got going.
9am-pancake breakfast at Lion's Club Park
10am-Easter Egg hunt
10:10am-Pouring Rain
12pm-Lunch at Carter's Antique Toy Museum with Grandma and Papaw
2:30-5pm-Family nap
5:45pm-Lilly and I to dinner with Grandma, Bryan to Wes's to watch the Butler game.
9pm-Everyone home-Lilly to bed.
9:30-Lindsay to bed.
These are a little out of order (I haven't figured out how to move them around on my new computer)
Here is Lilly riding one of the rides at Carter's Toy Museum. Its a three story antique toy museum here in Zionsville. The basement level is filled with coin operated ride on toys. The first time we were there Lilly was a little afraid of the moving toys, but we thought it was time to give it another shot and we needed something to do on a rainy Saturday. And she loved it!
Here are Lilly and Avery showing off their Easter Eggs. It is just beginning to rain.
Lilly and Daddy show off their haul. Bryan was pretty proud of himself that he was a better Easter Egg hunter than most of the two to three year olds.
I have no picture to depict this because Bryan and Lilly were lost in the crowd and you can't even tell its a picture of them.
On Saturday morning Lion's Club Park was roped off into several different sections. We, obviously, hunted eggs with the two to three year olds. We all stood outside the crime tape that the Lions used to rope off the playground and waited for the whistle to blow. Then all hell broke loose! It was a jail break.
We discussed weather or not adults should go out there and help the kids, then the whistle blew...Bryan went with Lilly to help her hunt the eggs. I can't even explain what happened next. I took a couple of pictures and then put the camera down to watch. I couldn't even begin to find them. A swarm of children and adults overtook them and they disappeared. A small field with about a million brightly colored Easter Eggs was cleared in about 45 seconds.
Here is Lilly on Easter morning hunting for her Easter Eggs. Every time she found one she would get excited and say, "I found it!"
Lilly going through her basket, eventually she just dumped it on the table. That seemed quicker.

Hunting eggs at Grandma and Papaw's. She was really starting to get good at it by this point.
But....she got a little cocky and lost her balance when she had collected almost all of the eggs. She sat there in the mulch, with her eggs spilling out of her basket yelling, "help, help. My eggs, my eggs?!" while I snapped pictures.