Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad News Pirates

Lilly is playing T-ball this year and last night were the opening ceremonies.  Each team was introduced and then played one or two innings of a game.  Her team is called the Pirates.  I can't even describe to you how cute it is to watch the kids play and practice in their 'baseball costumes'.  Yeah, that's what Lilly calls it, a "baseball costume".  So far, Lilly doesn't seem too into the actual game, but she is getting better and having fun. 
Here is Lilly (#8) with her team getting a pep talk before the big game from Coach Mitch, or as Lilly calls him, "Coach Mittens".  I'm sure he's hoping that will catch on.
 Before the first batter, everyone was in their positions and ready to play.  That's Lilly in the center in the white pants.
 Then, the moment the ball left the tee the kids all left their positions to dog pile on the ball and wrestle it away from one another.  At one point in time even the little boy that was batting dropped the bat and dove onto the ball.  He had to be physically removed from the pile and reminded by his coach to run to first base.
 At the beginning of the game the coaches were the only ones on the field.  As time went on several parents joined them to help corral the kids and keep them all heading in the right direction.
 No one stayed in an actual position for long, they all kind of just ended up standing in a big arch around the tee.
 Coach Brandon and Coach Mitch trying to explain the batting line up.
 Lilly was the lead off batter and she got a hit.  She was so proud that she had actually hit the ball and not the tee that after, she just stood there looking at Coach Brandon and smiling. 
 He was finally able to get her off and running.  This little guy chasing her actually managed to tag her out twice before she made it to first base.  Obviously, she stayed on to run all of the bases.  And no, he didn't throw the ball at her head as this picture would indicate.  She also stole third base during this time around, but decided to stay there through to the next play.  It was shortly after this that one of her teammate's parents became all time first and second base coaches for the remainder of the game.
 Second Inning.  Second big hit.  Again, Lilly paused after hitting the ball to look around at everyone and smile.
 But, she got off and running again and this time made it to first before the ball.  In this picture she's heading to second.
 And, having a chat with the second base coach.  Lilly was kind enough to stop at each base and engage the parent that was there in conversation during the lull between batters.
 Hanging out with Coach Mittens and waiting to run home.
 Here she comes!  Like any good base runner, Lilly over ran home plate.  However, most of them stop at their dugout, Lilly continued on to the crowd to give me a hug, ask me if I had seen her, and steal an animal cracker from Jack.
The game...or actually just the two innings that they played, was utter chaos.  The two dads that coach Lilly's team deserve medals...and probably a stiff drink.  This summer is going to be a lot of fun!!  Go Pirates!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lilly: Act IV

I'm sure that everyone has seen a double rainbow, but have you ever seen a double rainbow birthday? We have.
Lilly turned four on April 7 and requested a rainbow themed party. This was not as easy as you might think and was made even more difficult when, after I had bought most of the supplies and made all of the plans, Lilly said, "How about a pink party? Everything in pink?" That would have been so easy. But, rainbows she wanted and rainbows she got.
We started the weekend with a party for Lilly and her friends at Monkey Joe's. Well, actually, we started the weekend with a fever, runny nose and slight eye infection. I text the other mothers, gave a warning and we pressed on with the party at Monkey Joe's. In reality almost everyone had (or soon would have) a runny nose and possible eye infection so Lilly's cold was no big deal, and most of the moms carried an arsenal of tissues and boogie wipes and used them on any child in our group without discretion. Lilly was a little tired, but she had a great time with her friends.
The door to Lilly's party room.

The princess on her throne with a balloon and special gift box from Monkey Joe himself.

Monkey Joe came to the party and visited with all of the kids for a few minutes. Everyone loved him...except Lilly. While most of the kids hugged him or gave him a high five, Lilly would only lean away a wave. Then, when we told the kids that Monkey Joe lived in one of the bounce houses, Lilly made Bryan look to make sure he wasn't in any of them asleep before she would play again. Oops.

Even Dylan gave Monkey Joe a hug. Dylan, who I have known since he was born, who has been to my house, eaten my snacks, and was happy enough to see me when he got turned around and didn't see his mom, Dylan, who wouldn't hug me...hugged Monkey Joe, the stranger in the creepy costume. Yeah, D...your next birthday gift will reflect this moment.

Rainbow cupcakes. While these were not my idea (I found them on a website), I did make them myself. Very time consuming, but well worth it.

Close up of the four candles and layered cupcake.

Big girl blowing out her candles.

This was actually the only picture of all of the kids. I wanted to get a group shot, but that just didn't seem possible. Starting at the left is Morgan, Avery, Lilly, Georgie, Aiden, Acelyn, and Dylan.

Lilly eating her cupcake. You can tell in this picture just how tired/sick the poor birthday girl was, but also how determined she was to go on with the show.
Jack waiting for his cupcake.
"Where to next?"

Jack's favorite part of the party was when he too received a balloon, even if it wasn't his birthday. And, it even matched his shirt.The next day, Lilly's actual birthday, we continued celebrating with a cookout for her family. Lilly woke up from her nap (and late for her own party) to find the house decorated and a table full of gifts. The bike was from her mommy and daddy. She rode it almost immediately.

Rainbow balloon arch that Bryan made for the party. He would be happy to make one for your next function, it would be no trouble, really. Just ask him...I dare you.

It was surprisingly hard to find rainbow party supplies so Lilly and I decided to just get all sorts of bright colors.

Fluffy rainbow decorations that Lilly picked out.

Turns out it is only $15 to rent a bubble machine for 24 hours so, why not?


Jack stares down the last bubble.

Rainbow birthday gift. There were two... I worked really hard and spent a lot of time wrapping these and then forgot to take a picture until right before the ribbon on the second one was being torn off.

Riding her bike. I assume the gift ribbon will remain on the handlebars forever.

Only Lilly could convince three adults to sit at the world's smallest table when plenty of normal sized seating was available.

Blowing out the candles on her rainbow cake. Again, I worked really hard to make the cake special for Lilly and this is the only picture I got.

The inside. Oh yeah.

Rainbow cake buzz.

Cake. Yum.

At the end of the party Bryan got the rainbow balloon arch down for the kids to play with. Jack lost interest when the balloons started popping, but Lilly seemed to enjoy destroying the arch.

Happy 4th Birthday Lilly. We love you and can't wait to see what you do this year!!

Little People

Bryan and I have gotten into the habit of referring to the kids as 'the little people'. Almost like they are a whole separate species of human in our house. But, kids are just like people...only smaller. So we call them 'the little people'. As in, "Did you check on the little people?", "Which one of the little people will you take with you?", "Will you bathe the little people tonight?" or "We'd go out and watch the game if we didn't have these little people." But, the truth is these little people are quite the entertainers and it is so much fun to just sit back and watch what they do, because the world is a very big place for little people and there is always something to get into.
Lilly went to a Parent's Night Out on St.Patrick's Day. She had a great time, as usual, but it gave Bryan and I a chance to spend some time with just Jack. We went to dinner, did a little shopping and stopped by a park. Here Jack and Daddy go together down a huge slide. Jack loved it, but Bryan was reluctant to go again as he was repeatedly shocked while sliding due to static electricity.

Several days later, and after several hours of begging, I got the Play Doh out for Lilly. Little people love squishy things that make a mess.
I should have done it a lot sooner because there was surprisingly very little mess and over an hour of quiet and cooperation.

The next day I got the Play Doh out again thinking I'd get another hour to get some things done while the little people played, but unfortunately, instead of playing with the Play Doh Jack taught himself to climb onto the couch. So much for that.

Another favorite activity for little people is to find little places to fit into. Right now both kids enjoy climbing onto the bottom shelf of the book shelf and hiding, but evidently Lilly was already there so Jack found a bowl to sit in.

Wagon rides are fun for little people too. Especially when you have a little friend to is strong enough to actually pull the wagon.
Mushroom hunting is fun for big and little people. Lilly found this one all on her own. I pointed out a mushroom with my stick and asked Lilly to pick it. She leaned down, and to my surprise, picked this one instead. One I hadn't even seen. Grandpa Mutt would be beyond proud!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Girls' Night Out!

Two years ago on my birthday I was pregnant. One year ago on my birthday Jack was unwilling to take a bottle and therefore he and I were inseparable. So, this year on my birthday I decided that a girls' night out was just what I needed to celebrate. My idea of a night out with my friends escalated into a day of freedom and pampering followed by dinner, drinks, drag and dancing. But, best of all a great deal on a nice hotel room downtown with a late check out.
At about 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon I picked Kristy up and we laughed and giggled and cheered that we were free. We stopped for pedicures, Starbucks and gossip and then made our way to our hotel room where we took our time getting dressed in peace. After that, Emma met us for a cocktail in the lobby.
Next, it was onto Mesh on Mass for a nice dinner with all of the ladies. Emma, me, Kim, Hillary, Tania, Brecquelyn and Kristy.

After dinner, and some valet drama, we made our way to Talbott Street for the drag show. We didn't have reservations, but I didn't worry, Kristy was able to recall the most valuable skill she attained in college: table lurking.

After the show we checked out the club scene for some dancing and, best of all, people watching. I won't go into a lot of detail, but every moment of the big night out was ideal. We did everything that I wanted to do and I think everyone had a good time. Everything was perfect and I had the best birthday ever. But, by far the moment that topped off the whole event happened at about 10am Sunday morning. I woke up naturally and without anyone crying and just lounged in bed while Kristy made me a cup of coffee.

Thanks to everyone who came out to party with me and a special thanks to Kristy for that cup of coffee!