Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Movin' On Up

After what seemed like forever, we finally sold our house.
This was the house that we bought when we first got married, before we were even married, actually.  We ripped up carpet, scrapped off wallpaper, torn out plumbing and made it our own.  We raised a puppy here, brought two babies home to this house and made countless memories.  So, if you ask if we were sad to see it go...the answer is no.  No, we were not.
The morning of June 14, the movers arrived and as we drank coffee and watched them pack the truck from the deck, Bryan and I agreed that it was the most relaxed and happy that we had felt in weeks.
 Our house was sold and we were moving on to bigger and better things.
 We had finally found what we had always wanted:  A farmhouse in the country.
Had we sold our house when we first listed it, we would have missed out on this.  Had I not emailed the right realtor at the right time about the dump down the street, she never would have mentioned this place, owned by her brother, not even on the market yet, the first house we had both ever agreed on.  It just felt like home from the minute we walked in.
Of course, in a 1940's farm house there is always work to be done.  We got a new septic system, and subsequently a new back yard.  But, we were happy with our choice and the kids were thrilled.  Who wouldn't love a full acre surrounded by fields?  The only neighbor we can see is a beautifully kept horse farm across the street.
 Our first major purchase was a riding lawn mower for Bryan, and a trailer for the lawn mower for me (a Mother's Day gift gone totally wrong).  But, the kids liked it.
 Getting ready for my 'We've Moved' picture.
 There was/is a lot of work to be done, but it is the fun kind of work that we have all looked forward to.  And, we've had lots of help.  On moving day my mom came and helped, while Bryan's parents took the kids for the day.  Then, later that week my mom, Aunt Tracy, Cousin Margaret Ellen, and Grandma came, cleaned, and unpacked all of the boxes that they had themselves packed only a week before.  We've been here three short months, but a lot has happened and we are just now starting to really get settled. 

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